Monday, July 20, 2009

FDP Executive Director Leonard Joseph To Join Obama Administration

The Florida Democratic Party today announced that Leonard Joseph, Executive Director since 2006, has been appointed by President Barack Obama to be the Chief of Staff to the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Policy.

"Over the past several years, the Florida Democratic Party has made great strides helping elect strong Democratic leaders who fight to move Florida to a better future. On behalf of the Florida Democratic Party, I would like to thank Leonard for his hard work and tireless commitment over the past several years. While Leonard will be missed, we wish him luck as he moves on," said Chair Karen Thurman.

"It's been an honor to work with the thousands of Floridians who helped in our efforts to bring change to Florida by electing Democrats. For Florida Democrats, the best days are ahead. I look forward to seeing Florida Democrats continue the momentum we have built by making gains at all levels of government in the years to come," said Joseph. "I would like to thank Chair Thurman and the Florida Democratic Party staff for their leadership and friendship."

In his role as Executive Director and prior to that as Political Director, Joseph oversaw the implementation of Chair Thurman's efforts to build a Democratic infrastructure, empower grassroots activists, upgrade technology, and modernize strategies leading to the largest for gains Democrats in a generation.

Since 2005, when Joseph joined the Florida Democratic Party, Democrats have won statewide three times by winning Florida for Barack Obama, re-electing Senator Bill Nelson, and winning our first Cabinet race since 1998 by electing Alex Sink as CFO. Additionally, Democrats have gained 3 Congressional Seats, 10 State House seats, and many county and local offices.

As Chief of Staff, Joseph will work with Assistant Secretary for Policy David Heyman, overseeing the Office of Policy, which strengthens homeland security by developing and integrating Department-wide policies, planning, and programs in order to better coordinate the Department's prevention, protection, response and recovery missions.

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