Thursday, November 12, 2009

Creative excuses

From Kendrick Meek (via FDP):

I have been a public servant my entire adult life -- first as a state trooper, then in the State Senate, and now as a United States Congressman. I can tell you: representing Floridians means always listening to the people, taking the tough questions, and standing behind your record. If you are going to serve the people of Florida, it is real work.

But Governor Crist seems to think that representing Floridians means making excuses.

Recently, Governor Crist said that the reason a majority of Floridians think our state is on the wrong track and hold him responsible is because Floridians have a "desire to blame someone."

Then, under pressure from the conservative wing of the Republican party, Governor Crist said that his standing with President Obama to sell the stimulus package should not be counted as an endorsement since he did not get to vote on it.

I believe the people of Florida deserve better than excuses and flip-flopping positions. We need a straight answer about Governor Crist's record on the economy and we should not rest until we get it. Will you stand with me today and ask him?

Join me in asking Governor Crist: Will you stick with the people of Florida or turn your back on creating jobs?

As a United States Senate candidate and Congressman, I talk everyday with Floridians that are struggling - struggling to find a job, struggling to keep their home and provide for their family. Like you, they are looking for our next Senator to hit the ground running fighting for Floridians and helping create jobs.

As a state legislator and a congressman, I have always fought for jobs, health care, and education every day, and I don't let anything stop me. In 2002, I led a drive to reduce class sizes. Despite tough opposition, I fought hard for my own children and for their classmates so that every child in Florida would get a good start. And, on Election Day, the measure was approved by over 2.5 million Florida citizens.

Being a Senator is about waking up everyday focused on doing what you can for all Floridians. Taking a position on an issue is just the first step - and we don't even know where Governor Crist stands on a major piece of legislation. Florida doesn't need a Senator that checks special interests and fringe party elements before taking a stand for Floridians.

Will you take a second to join me, and ask Governor Crist: Will you stick with the people of Florida or turn your back on creating jobs?

And if Governor Crist thinks he can avoid us -- I remind him that I played Defensive End for the FAMU Rattlers - and a lot of quarterbacks made the same mistake against me before. As Senator, I'll be on the offense for the people of Florida and getting the job done. Not being defensive when questioned by a vocal minority.

Thank you for standing up with me to hold Governor Crist accountable and helping support Democrats across Florida. With your help I know we can win next November.


Congressman Kendrick Meek

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