Monday, March 30, 2009

Hothead Hasner Gets Heated; Plays Partisan Politics With Florida's Paychecks


epublican House Leader Adam Hasner, once again showing that he puts partisan politics above the people of Florida, is ready to reject $1.1 billion in federal recovery aid to help Floridians that have fallen on hard times during this economic slump.

As the Miami Herald/St. Petersburg Times Tallahassee Bureau reported today, "Florida is on the verge of forfeiting more than $1 billion in federal stimulus funds that could help 250,000 Floridians whose unemployment benefits are running out."

"Adam Hasner doesn't get it. With the Florida Agency for Workforce Investment reporting that our state's unemployment is at 8.6 percent, Florida's families are struggling to pay the bills. Rather than working to ease the pain of Floridians, who have lost their jobs in this economic crisis, Hasner is pushing his extremist agenda, gambling with Florida's economy and hurting families across the Sunshine State. Instead of playing partisan politics with Floridians' paychecks, hotheaded Hasner and his House Republicans need to immediately stop their posturing and join the bi-partisan efforts to help over 250,000 Floridians whose unemployment benefits are running out," said Eric Jotkoff, Florida Democratic Party spokesman.

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