Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maybe It Should Have Been Maybelline; AG McCollum Wastes Hundred of Taxpayer Dollars on Makeup

Included in the thousands of documents that Republican Attorney Bill McCollum handed over yesterday to the Florida Democratic Party, the production budget shows that McCollum spent $550 of taxpayer's money on his makeup.

The budget also shows that the Attorney General spent nearly $1000 to fly in his long-time Republican political consultant to Florida to produce the ads, rather than saving taxpayers money and boosting our economy by using a Florida based firm.

"The Attorney General has a solemn duty to protect Florida's children from predators. Unfortunately, Bill McCollum chose to run nearly $2 million in TV ads promoting his political career instead of public safety. The fact that McCollum spent $550 of the public's money to get his make up done, in an attempt to make himself look good on TV, is especially telling as he desperately tries to defend his ads made by his long-time political consultant who was awarded the no-bid contract. During this severe economic crisis, Bill McCollum's incredible lack of judgment and vanity should shock Florida's taxpayers. Florida Democrats will continue to hold McCollum and his Republican Party accountable for their waste, fraud, and abuse of tax-payer's hard earned dollars."

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