Monday, March 30, 2009

House Republicans Vote to Increase Class Sizes

Martin Kiar:

“House Republicans and their public relations’ operatives proved with great fanfare today that they don’t fully grasp their own members’ legislation.

“Representative Anitere Flores should be allowed to have a meeting with Representative Will Weatherford, the sponsor of House Joint Resolution 919, so that she can better understand his proposal.

“What Representative Weatherford should explain to Representative Flores is that under HJR 919, Republicans voted in lock-step today to increase class sizes from 18 to 21 for kindergarten through third grade, from 22 to 27 for fourth through eighth grade, and from 25 to 30 for high school.

“House Democrats proposed major changes to the misguided Republican plan that would have required the state to complete the last---and most crucial---step toward phasing in the Class Size Amendment in 2010.

“Democrats sought to give school districts greater flexibility while also continuing the effort to ease crowding in public school classrooms and provide needed funding to our children’s education.

“In contrast, the Republican plan could hinder the goals of the voter-approved Class Size Amendment. The Republican plan would increase class sizes, potentially kill future funding for improving the teaching environment, and stall student learning gains.”

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