Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sen. Lawson on the Florida Economy

“We have received repeated assurances from the Senate President, the most recent during January’s special session, that everything is going to be on the table. We hope that he honors those promises.

“We vowed then, and we repeat that vow today, that we cannot allow additional cuts to education, health care, or any of the multitude of programs our citizens depend on for their well being. Not when foreclosures are still rising, unemployment is in the double digits, food stamp rolls are swelling, and local counties and towns are being forced to increasingly shoulder the financial burden the state continues to spurn. Especially when a select group of well healed special interests continue their free ride on the backs of the middle class and the poor in our state.

“Ten years of Republican leadership have led us to the despair we see today. If there are any doubts that the people of Florida are tired of this road to nowhere, the leadership need look no further than the election outcome last November.

“We continue to urge the Senate to take the lead, and the House and governor to follow, and stick to the promises made. Close the special interest tax loopholes we’ve targeted. Higher fees, deeper cuts and probation officer layoffs are not the answer. Responsible tax fairness is.

“It’s the kind of change the people seek. And it’s long overdue.”

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