Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kendrick Meek Receives Endorsement from Florida Education Association, Renews Support for Florida's Class Size Amendment

The Florida Education Association (FEA) announced its endorsement of Kendrick Meek in the Democratic primary this morning at their education conference in Orlando.

"We are gathered in Orlando to fight on behalf of Florida's teachers and students, while the Republican Party of Florida is in town to fight with each other," said Kendrick Meek, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. "We will work together throughout this campaign and in the years ahead to improve Florida's schools and strengthen education to create a more prosperous future for Florida."

"We stood united to reduce class size in Florida and battled the forces of low scholastic expectations wishing to undermine a right our families deserve. Our opponents will never yield and neither will we because as parents and teachers, we know that when it comes to our children and students, we will do whatever it takes to fight for their interests. We can't break our promise to Florida's children, and we won't," added Meek.

"Kendrick has always stood tall for our teachers and educators, and we continue to stand tall with him," said Andy Ford, President of the Florida Education Association. "Together we have battled the special interests who advocate for clients, not our children, and thanks to the class size amendment, teachers can educate our students in classrooms instead of lecture halls. Kendrick has always put education first, and we put him first too."

A graduate of the public school system, Kendrick Meek, a longtime advocate for Florida's schools, was chairman of Florida's Coalition to Reduce Class Size in 2002 and wrote an op-ed in Thursday's Palm Beach Post in support of class size, titled: "Smaller classes a win for kids: Challenges to size amendment will fail."

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