Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Senator Justice Files Bill to Curb Medicaid Fraud

Senator Charlie Justice (D- St. Petersburg) filed legislation Tuesday that sends a strong message to health insurers in the State of Florida: If you steal from the taxpayers, you will lose your license. Senate Bill 1958 states that if any health insurance provider is found to be involved in Medicaid fraud, their license will be suspended, revoked or denied.

“Floridians are sick and tired of paying higher insurance premiums because some bad apples in the health insurance industry don’t take our laws seriously. It’s time we sent them a clear message that we will not tolerate fraudulent behavior,” Senator Justice said.

Similar legislation passed the legislature last year that denied, revoked or suspended licenses of medical providers such as doctors, hospitals and pharmacists that were found to be involved in Medicaid fraud. Justice’s latest bill builds on that legislative foundation.

“The health insurance industry is a huge piece of our overall health care and should be held to the same standards that our medical providers,” Justice said. “Continuing to crack down on the Medicaid fraud epidemic in this state is a sure fire way to bring down health care costs.”

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