Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On the Day of Bipartisan Jobs Vote - Where Are Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio's Plans to Get Florida Back to Work?

From Kendrick Meek:

As the Senate voted on the HIRE Act this morning, a commonsense job creation package that will create thousands of new jobs across Florida and more than a million jobs across the nation, the Kendrick Meek For Florida campaign is asking where Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio's jobs plans are. The bipartisan bill that the Senate voted on has four key provisions, including a payroll tax holiday for businesses to encourage hiring, additional funds to help small businesses expand, an extension of the Highway Trust Fund to allow more infrastructure investments, and an expansion of the Build America Bonds program to allow states finance infrastructure projects. Will Rubio and Crist lend their support to this bipartisan bill? If not, when will they release their own plans to get Floridians back to work?

"As the Senate voted on a jobs creation package, where are Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist's plans for getting Floridians back to work?," said Abe Dyk, campaign manager for the Kendrick Meek for Florida campaign. "Rubio and Crist should tell Florida voters if they support the bipartisan job creation bill in the Senate and if not, why they don't."

According to a new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which created over 2 million jobs last year, has boosted the US economy by 3.5%, and has lowered the unemployment rate by up to 2.1%. The CBO projects that the stimulus will have an even greater impact in 2010.

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