Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Legislation Aimed at Reducing Melanoma's in Florida's Youths Passes Second Committee Stop

Legislation beefing up parental consent requirements for teens using ultraviolet ray-emitting tanning machines and sponsored by Senator Eleanor Sobel (D-Hollywood) passed its second committee stop on Thursday. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the measure 6-2.

“It’s time we acknowledged the dangers that tanning machines pose to young Floridians and I’m thrilled to see this very important public health issue advance further through the legislative process,” said Sen. Sobel. “The science is simply overwhelming. Tanning machines cause cancer.”

SB 430 will require in-person parental consent for teen tanning machine use and prohibit children under 14 from using dangerous tanning machines. Recent studies, including a report by the World Health Organization, confirmed that there is direct connection between ultraviolet rays emitted by tanning machines and melanomas, which are the deadliest forms of skin cancer. SB 430 strengthens current Florida law and will allow a parent or legal guardian to indicate exactly how many times their teenager may tan over a 12-month period.

“If I could, I would stop all young people from using these dangerous machines,” said Sen. Sobel. “But I am thankful and encouraged by the support of Judiciary Chair Sen. Negron and the rest of the committee for helping put some power back in parents’ hands with respect to teen health.”

The next stop for SB 430 is the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services Appropriations.

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