Thursday, October 15, 2009

Democratic Ranking Member Assignments

From the House Dems:

I am pleased to inform you that House Speaker Larry Cretul accepted today my recommendations for Democratic Ranking Member assignments. I made these recommendations in response to Speaker Cretul’s 2009-10 council/committee reassignments announced in August.

I am proud of your hard work and appreciate your public service. I look forward to seeing each of you when we return to committee meetings next week.

The list of Democratic Ranking Members are as follows:

Criminal & Civil Justice Policy Council
Rep. Adam M. Fetterman

Civil Justice & Courts Policy Committee
Rep. Darren Soto

Public Safety & Domestic Security Policy Committee
Rep. Luis Garcia, Jr.

Health & Family Services Policy Council
Rep. Kelly Skidmore

Health Care Services Policy Committee
Rep. Dwayne L. Taylor

Health Care Regulation Policy Committee
Rep. Ari Abraham Porth

Elder & Family Policy Services
Rep. Elaine J. Schwartz

PreK-12 Appropriations Committee
Rep. Martin David Kiar

State Universities & Private Colleges Appropriation Committee
Rep. Ronald A. Brisé

Transportation & Economic Development Appropriation Committee
Rep. Evan Jenne

Health Care Appropriation Committee
Rep. Michael Scionti

Natural Resources Appropriation Committee
Rep. Debbie Boyd

Government Operations Appropriation Committee
Rep. Alan B. Williams

Criminal & Civil Justice Appropriation Committee
Rep. Darryl Ervin Rouson

Education Policy Council
Rep. Bill Heller

PreK-12 Policy Committee
Rep. Dwight M. Bullard

State Universities & Private Colleges Policy Committee
Rep. Charles S. Chestnut, IV

Economic Development & Community Affairs Policy Council
Rep. Geraldine F. Thompson

Economic Development Policy Committee
Rep. Betty Reed

Roads, Bridges & Ports Policy Committee
Rep. Audrey Gibson

Governmental Affairs Policy Committee
Rep. Oscar Braynon II

Military & Local Affairs Policy Committee
Rep. Janet C. Long

Finance & Tax Council
Rep. Perry E. Thurston, Jr.

Governmental Accountability Council
Rep. Scott Randolph

General Government Policy Council
Rep. Mary Brandenburg

Agriculture & Natural Resource Policy Committee
Rep. Leonard L. Bembry

Insurance, Business & Financial Affairs Policy Committee
Rep. Kevin J. G. Rader

Energy & Utilities Policy Committee
Rep. Joseph A. Gibbons

Full Appropriations Council on Education & Economic Development
Rep. Ron Saunders

Policy Council
Rep. Keith Fitzgerald

Rules & Calendar Council
Rep. James W. Waldman

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