Monday, October 19, 2009

What A Week 2

From the Kendrick Meek campaign:

f every week between now and Election Day is as good as my first one as Kendrick's campaign manager, I know we have a real shot at victory in 2010. Here are the latest updates.



More polling supports our findings

Don't listen to all the pundits who say Charlie Crist is invincible.

Kendrick told you earlier this week about our new internal polling that shows less than 1 in 3 voters are certain at this point they're supporting Crist.

Now, independent non-partisan polls are showing the same thing.

Insider Advantage released numbers on Wednesday that show Crist's job approval numbers below 50% for the first time in memory. He can't even get half the people to say he's doing an OK job.

Even the most recent poll from the Florida Chamber of Commerce shows Crist's approval ratings slipping 5 points. Their numbers always skew favorably for Republicans.

It's our job to capture as many of the undecided swing voters as possible.

Florida remains one of the top pickup targets for Democrats this cycle. You and I have a mountain of work to do to make sure we convert on this incredible opportunity.

Presidential Support

"Former President Bill Clinton is going to bat -- big-time -- for Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) who is gunning for the Senate seat vacated by Florida Republican Mel Martinez."

Glenn Thrush, Politico

That's right, Bill Clinton - a personal hero of mine - is a "big-time" Kendrick Meek supporter. I just had to send along this terrific photo of Kendrick and the former president.

Earlier this week, we also saw a senior Obama administration official telling Talking Points Memo that the President's team was "impressed with progress [Meek] has made thus far."

Florida Democratic Convention

I know both President Obama and President Clinton would have appreciated the positively electrifying atmosphere last weekend at the Florida Democratic Party's statewide convention.

Kendrick gave a keynote address that was extraordinarily well received. The Sunshine State's top activists recommitted to bringing change to Florida and our country. We got ourselves organized. And we even found the time to have one awesome party.

Personally, it was a terrific introduction to all the folks who are going to help us win in 2010. To everyone I met in Orlando - I'll be calling you real soon to plug you into this campaign.

Arrive with Five

Finally, I want to resurrect a blast from Kendrick's past. You may remember a few years back when he helped organize a massive get-out- the-vote campaign called "Arrive with Five."

The idea was that each of us had a responsibility to come to the polls with 5 friends and family members to make sure that turnout was sky-high. Voter registration and mobilization drives across Florida brought new voters out in droves.

The more I learn about it, the more inspired I am to maintain that spirit. That's why we're bringing it back.

It's a little too early to start mobilizing people to the polls on Election Day, but it sure isn't too early to get your friends and family engaged with this campaign. I'm challenging each and every one of you to invite 5 people to join this campaign today. Building a powerful grassroots movement is the only way we can win.

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