Thursday, October 22, 2009


From Alan Grayson:

"The Republican health care plan is simple: Don't get sick. The Republicans also have a backup plan. If you do get sick, die quickly."

These words set off a national explosion. Democrats cheered. Republicans demanded an apology. The GOP in central Florida began bragging that I would be easy to beat. And D.C. election forecasters, like Charlie Cook, downgraded my re-election chances, which is a signal to corporate interests to go after me. I am now the number one target for Republicans nationwide, according to the Executive Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

This November 2 is one year before the 2010 election. I need you to show that when someone speaks out for progressive values, for American values, for YOU, he will have the support he needs to win. On that day, we're organizing a money bomb for our re-election campaign. This is a message to Republicans, to insiders, and to special interests that truth matters.

Hundreds of people have already pledged to join together, for one day, and show that our voices are united.

Please join them. Visit this special website I set up -- -- and pledge to donate to my November 2 money bomb.

I've been reading what you have been saying. I've been deluged with emails and phone calls, thousands and thousands of them. People on blogs, on Twitter, and in person, have been saying the same thing people in my district have said: "FINALLY someone spoke up for me -- for progressive values, for America, and for the thousands who die every year for lack of health care."

Over 10,000 people have given $300,000 since I started speaking up. The oldest AIDS survivor in the country called to thank me, and donated $100 to my reelection campaign. This is not just my campaign. It is his campaign. It is our campaign. It is a campaign for all of those who have died of neglect, of inaction, and of malice, and for all those who are suffering.

On November 2, I need you to speak for those who cannot.

Visit Pledge to donate in my money bomb.

Here are a few of the comments that came in after my speeches.

"It was so refreshing to see someone stand up in Congress and tell the truth."

"Finally, the people's voice is heard through Congressman Grayson!! It is ABOUT TIME!!!"

"You rock harder than Plymouth!!!"

Speaking out for the health and values of all Americans isn't just good policy. It's good politics.

Visit now and pledge to donate in my November 2 money bomb.

With so many politicians receiving millions from those who kill for profit, isn't it time we had a Representative dedicated to -- and powered by -- regular Americans?

That's who I aim to be, every day, in Congress.

Make a pledge today, and send a message on November 2.

Thank you for all that we can do together,

Alan Grayson
Member of Congress

P.S. What makes a money bomb work is the united action of huge groups of people all across the country. That's why I need you, after you've made your pledge, to forward this to all the people you know who share our concerns, and ask them to join our November 2 money bomb.

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