Thursday, October 15, 2009

Help me in my fight against nearshore drilling

I’m running for the state legislature because I believe voters want a Representative who is more in line with their Democratic values. As I speak with people throughout my district, they express their desire for change. They tell me they want someone who will fight to keep oil drilling away from Florida’s beaches. They want someone who will stand up for Florida’s working families when it matters most. And they want someone who believes that the best way to ensure equal pay for women is to include the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. Constitution.

My opponent was one of only two Democrats who voted to allow oil drilling as close as 3 miles from Florida shores. I believe that nearshore drilling poses too great a risk to our beaches and our $56 billion coastal tourism industry. I hope you’ll support me, so that District 9 residents will have a strong Democrat and a proven leader who will fight to protect our beaches and tourism business.

For more information about my candidacy, visit my campaign website at

Thank you for your support and I hope you can join us this evening,

Rick Minor
Democratic Candidate for State House, District 9

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