Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ken Miller: Already Acting Like a Politician

From FDP:

Instead of facing a messy primary in his battle to represent Florida’s 24th Congressional District, yesterday Ken Miller decided to serve his own political ambitions and run in the next District over. But his own official campaign site still says he’s running for the 24th seat, which he has been since he filed to run in April.

“Apparently, even Ken Miller was caught off guard by his own political opportunism as he still describes himself as running in the wrong District on his own campaign’s website,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff. “Hardworking Americans are looking for solutions, not self serving politicians that will do whatever it takes to get elected.”


Back in April, Ken Miller filed with the FEC to run in Florida’s 24th Congressional District. [FEC Statement of Organization]

Ken Miller announced he will be running for Florida’s 8th Congressional Seat instead of the 24th. [Winter Park Doc junks Kosmas race to take on Grayson, Orlando Sentinel, 10/19/09]

Ken Miller’s official campaign website still lists him as a candidate for the 24th seat. [Ken Miller For Congress]

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