Monday, May 4, 2009

Bill Providing Employment Protection for Active Duty Servicemen on its Way to the Governor‏

From the Senate Dems:

Soldiers, Airman and National Guard will receive significant legal protections while serving their state and country under legislation passed today by Senator Charlie Justice (D- St. Petersburg). This bill will ensure that active duty military will not lose their employment rights or benefits while serving. It also provides that anyone who commits an act prohibited by state or federal law against an active duty soldier or national guardsman is liable for civil penalties.

“I cannot overstate how important it is to protect the rights of our bravest men and women who risk their lives to serve their country,” Senator Justice said. “This bill strengthens those protections and ensures that they have the security of a job when they return home.”

House Bill 635, sponsored in the House by Representative Michael Scionti (D-Tampa) passed the legislature unanimously today. It is now headed to the desk of Governor Crist for final approval.

“It has been an honor to work this important issue through the process. I look forward to the support of our Governor on this legislation that provides much needed legal protections for those serving in our military,” Senator Justice concluded.

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