Saturday, May 16, 2009

Charlie Crist runs from Florida‏

From the FDP:

After just 30 months as Governor, Charlie Crist is leaving his job, avoiding responsibility and leaving the hard work of facing Florida’s problems to the next governor.

His decision creates a once in a generation opportunity for change in Florida and ensures that nothing will be the same after 2010.

In the next 20 months, there will be a fight for the Governor’s mansion, a United States Senate seat, three other statewide offices up for grabs, a number of seats in Congress to fight for, and with at least 9 open State Senate seats and 22 open State House seats that are currently held by Republicans, there will be other legislative races across the Sunshine State – and Floridians will cast their ballots and change the face of our state.

This is Florida's time. You’ve stood up with us on issues such as stopping the Republicans’ waste and joined us in calling on the Republican Legislature to pass an open and honest budget. You stood with Alex Sink and other Democratic leaders to fight for Floridians. And now, we are going to need your help every step of the way.

We are ready to win, and we are ready to elect Democratic leaders to bring change to Florida. We need your help to elect a Democratic Governor, a Democratic Cabinet, and to send another good Democrat to Washington to stand with President Obama, Sen. Bill Nelson and our Democratic majorities in Congress:

But, don’t mistake the task in front of us; change doesn’t come easy.

The Republican Party of Florida has already begun to do their best to bring in the special interest money to fund their campaigns – while still refusing to return tainted corrupt money from last year. They are going to do everything they can to win because they are not only fighting each other for the soul of their party but also the power that fuels their lavish, jet-setting lifestyles.

With so many elections and the GOP of Florida still bitter over their loss in 2008 – Democrats need to be organized and energized like we were when we helped elect President Obama.

I know we can do it and we have to, because this is a challenge that we can’t back down from.

Please help us change Tallahassee and help President Obama implement his vision of change in Washington:

The only way we can win any of these races is with your help. That is how we helped President Obama win Florida and that is how we will win in 2010. By bringing together Floridians from every part of the state and every walk of life to vote for change, we can believe in right here in Florida.

Please make a contribution now and help us build a campaign to that will bring change to Tallahassee and send another good Democrat to Washington to stand with President Obama:

2010 is our time to get Tallahassee working for the people, not the powerful, but that will only happen if we elect Democrats to clean up the mess Charlie Crist is leaving.

Thank you for being part of our movement to bring change to Florida.

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