Thursday, May 28, 2009


From the Senate Dems:

"I applaud the governor's decision to strike from the new budget a provision that would have harmed a select group of state employees, many of whom have dedicated years of their professional lives serving the people of Florida. These weren't nameless bureaucrats in dull grey government buildings. These were the first responders in natural disasters, the front line guardians of our state's highways and children in crisis, and the ones struggling to keep up with the demand of the thousands of unemployed desperately needing emergency help, to name just a few.

"The proposal to slash these salaries was misguided from the beginning, and underscored the critical need for a more balanced approach in raising and spending tax dollars by the leadership of this state. Too many lucrative loopholes that have favored well-healed special interests remain protected while fees and fines are increased on the little guy. Salaries of certain state workers were targeted for cuts while a blind eye continues to be turned to private contractors receiving automatic pay raises with the blessings of the Legislature. While Florida's economy continues to sputter, our call for a probe of these un-monitored raises and how much it costs taxpayers annually, remains unanswered.

"It is my hope that this veto serves as a reminder that we can't keep foisting the economic burden onto the shoulders of those already carrying more than their fair share. And it is my hope that this veto is the first step in recognizing that tax fairness is long overdue for the people of Florida."

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