Monday, May 4, 2009

Leon Democrats support fundamental health care reform

The movement for health care reform got a push locally this week when the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) unanimously endorsed a resolution supporting a Congressional bill for universal coverage.

H.R. 676 calls for a Canadian-style single-payer system that goes beyond proposals being considered by the Obama Administration.

H.R. 676 is building support throughout the country. Coupled with its companion Senate bill, S. 703, its proposals remain perhaps the most cost-effective national legislative option presented to date to address the growing demand for health care reform.

At $7,129, America’s per capita health care cost is double that of most other industrialized nations. But our system performs poorly by many comparisons and it leaves 47 million without coverage, according Physicians for a National Health Program whose Capital City Chapter in Tallahassee was a driving force in getting Leon County Democrats to support H.R. 676.

At their Monday meeting, DEC members made it clear their embrace of single-payer principle wasn’t ruling out support for any subsequent proposals by Obama, but that as a grassroots political party it was important to let national leaders know local member preferences.

The text the DEC resolution, linking the H.R. 676, along with other health care resources can be found at

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