Friday, May 15, 2009

What Florida's Leaders Are Saying About Florida's Next Governor, Alex Sink

From the FDP:

As Alex Sink kicks off her campaign to lead the Sunshine State to a better future, Florida's Democratic leaders uniformly offered praise of the state's current CFO. The Florida Democratic Party today released the following statements from these elected leaders and party officials:

Former Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham said:

"During these unique and challenging times, there is no doubt in my mind that Florida needs new and different leadership. With her impeccable integrity, strong character, outstanding leadership skills, and years of hard work and business experience, I can think of no one better prepared to lead Florida then Alex Sink."

Senator Nan Rich, Democratic Leader-designate said:

"I support Alex Sink for Governor because she is the leader Florida needs in these tough times. As Florida's CFO, Sink has fought against politics as usual and has worked hard to protect taxpayers' dollars. She has always stood up to fight for Florida's children and families. Now we need Alex Sink as Governor to bring change to Tallahassee."

Senator Dave Aronberg said:

"In these tough times, Florida needs Alex Sink as our next Governor so she can use her experience as a business leader and cabinet officer to lead our state to a better future."

Senator Larcenia Bullard said:

"Florida needs Alex Sink's business experience and leadership to help families across the Sunshine State and create job opportunities for all Floridians. As Governor, Alex Sink will build an educational system that strengthens our children, opening doors and creating opportunity."

House Democratic Leader Franklin Sands said:

"As Florida's fiscal watchdog, Alex Sink has led the fight to hold government more accountable and ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely. Next year, Floridians will elect Alex Sink as our next Governor because she is the leader Florida needs in these tough times."

Representative Ron Saunders, Democratic Speaker-designate said:

"During these hard economic times, we need Alex Sink as Governor to continue being an aggressive watchdog for the people of Florida, making sure our taxpayer's hard earned dollars are spent wisely. As CFO, Alex Sink has demanded accountability, protected Floridians from financial scams, and cracked down on government waste and abuse."

Representative Luis Garcia, Jr. said:

"Alex Sink has worked for all Floridians, from protecting seniors from insurance fraud, keeping families in their homes, and supporting education. I am very pleased she will continue that work as Governor."

Representative Geraldine F. Thompson said:

"After years of busting up business as usual in Tallahassee and rooting out government waste, fraud, and abuse, I know Alex Sink is the leader that Florida needs as our next Governor."

Representative Martin David Kiar said:

"I am honored to endorse Alex Sink for Governor of Florida because of her undying and tireless commitment to provid our children with the best education possible. Alex understands that the most important method of ensuring economic success for our state is to provide our children with an appropriate and high quality education. I am confident that when Alex is elected as Florida's next Governor that our education system will be a model for all states to follow and that our children will finally receive the education they rightfully deserve."

Representative Joe Gibbons said:

"Florida needs real leadership to jumpstart our economy and start creating jobs, which is why we need Alex Sink as our next Governor."

Representative Kelly Skidmore said:

"I am supporting Alex Sink for Governor because she has always put children first. From her work on Governor Chiles' Education Commission, the United Way and in her Hillsborough community, Alex has always worked for our children. I am thrilled she will soon be serving our children as Governor."

Representative Ronald A. Brise said:

"In these tough times Florida needs a governor that is not afraid to lead and make tough decisions for the benefit of all Floridians. A governor who cares for people and what normal working people face everyday. Florida needs Alex Sink to be the next governor because during her tenure as CFO she has always put people before politics and has provided a steady and stable leadership that both Democrats and Republicans can count on. We can count on Alex Sink. She has proven that she can lead in difficult times."

Representative Audrey Gibson said:

"CFO Sink knows the importance of being a wise steward of our tax dollars. As Governor, Sink will use her business experience to cut duplicative waste in government so Florida can make the necessary investments to protect our schools and communities.

Representative Perry Thurston said:

"Last fall Floridians stood for change when our state helped elect President Obama. Now we need to change Tallahassee by electing Alex Sink as our next Governor."

Representative Mia Jones said:

"Recognizing the tough economic times we are currently facing, we need a Governor with the expertise and experience of Alex Sink. She has spent nearly three decades in business - creating jobs and economic opportunity in communities all across the State of Florida, with her at the helm we can expect to see an increase in job creation and economic stability."

Representative Hazelle Rogers said:

"Alex Sink spent nearly three decades creating jobs and economic opportunity in communities all across the Sunshine State which is why I, as a small businessperson, support her candidacy and look forward to working on her campaign."

Representative Mark Pafford said:

"Florida needs a governor committed to protecting working people, strengthening our economy and giving our families a fighting chance, that's why Floridians are going to stand up in 2010 to make Alex Sink our next governor."

Florida Democratic Party Vice-Chair Rhett Bullard said:

"In these tough economic times we need a governor who can manage our money and lead our state to a better future. Alex Sink has the experience needed to connect with Floridians from the panhandle to the keys."

Florida Democratic Party Vice-Chair Judy Mount said:

"Every Floridian should be happy that Alex Sink is running for governor. As CFO, she has fought for Florida's families of all backgrounds. In our diverse state, we need that, now more than ever."

Mitch Caeser, Broward County Democratic Party Chairman said:

"Alex Sink possesses the right combination of grit and experience as a businesswoman to guide Florida during these tough economic times."

Rick Minor, Chairman of the Leon County Democratic Party said:

"We need a Governor who can steer Florida out of this economic crisis. Alex Sink is uniquely qualified for the job - she has nearly 30 years of business experience and as Florida's CFO she's cut government waste, increased accountability, and cracked down on fraud."

Alison Morano, Florida Democratic County Chairs Association Chair/Pasco County Democratic Party Chair said:

"Alex Sink has been the state's fiscal watchdog, cracking down on waste and making government work for the people of Florida. As Governor, she would help Floridians out of these difficult economic times."

Millie Herrera, Immediate Past President of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida said:

"Alex Sink will continue defending the best interests of hard working Floridians when she becomes our next Governor, the same way she has fought for us as Florida's CFO. I can't wait to have a Governor who will put our interests first and prioritize quality education, affordable health care, and incentives for small businesses."

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