Thursday, May 21, 2009

Join Me and Alex Sink‏

From Karen Thurman:

Dear Kenneth,

Last week, Alex Sink made history and announced that she is running for Governor.

I know that she will provide a new and different kind of leadership and help Florida solve the challenges facing all of us. With Alex Sink leading the ticket we have amazing opportunities to build on our success in 2008 and elect fresh leaders like Alex who can bring change to Tallahassee.

For the first time in decades, every statewide office and dozens of legislative races are up grabs across the state. Floridians are ready for a change and deserve leadership that will fight for them.

And in just a few weeks Alex Sink and Democrats from all over the state are gathering together for an amazing night: our annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. While tickets are already sold out, I am giving you a chance to join us.

We will select one grassroots donor, and invite them and their guest to join me, Alex, many other leaders and energized Democrats at this exciting event. You will also get the opportunity to meet with Alex in person and share you thoughts and ideas about the future of Florida with her.

Make a contribution to the Florida Democratic Party in the next seven days and you could be selected to join us at our annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Miami on May 30th.

But as we gather for our Jefferson-Jackson Dinner and prepare to bring a different kind of leadership - many are working just as hard to make sure that the same old politics remains in Tallahassee. The Republican Party leaders and powerful special interests are working hard to ensure that Tallahassee doesn't look much different after the 2010 election.

What they aren't counting on is you. You helped us make history in 2008 by helping elect President Barack Obama, and bringing change to our country. Now we need to do it again to change Florida.

Contribute now and you and a guest could be selected to join us in Miami for the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, speak with Alex Sink and see the change we can make in the state.

With your help, we can build a grassroots campaign that will change Florida for generations to come. Now that Alex Sink is running for Governor, we can finally have a businesswoman and working mom leading our state. And with the U.S. Senate seat, every Cabinet seat, and 31 open Republican held legislative seats up for grabs, we have the opportunity and the challenge to make this historic change a reality.

Thank you for all your support and I look forward to your excitement and energy in the months ahead!




Congresswoman Karen L. Thurman
Chair, Florida Democratic Party

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