Monday, May 4, 2009

Senator Rich's Kidcare Legislation Heads To Governor's Desk

From the Senate Dems:

Parents of children already enrolled in the popular KidCare health insurance program and those eligible, but not yet enrolled, can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the efforts of Senator Nan Rich (D-Weston).

The passionate advocate for children’s welfare succeeded in clearing the last legislative hurdle on Friday when the House signed off on Senator Rich’s bill, SB 918, which now heads to the governor’s desk for signature.

"It is an exhilarating feeling to pass this legislation that will provide access to healthcare to more of Florida's children,” said Senator Rich. “It is the result of three years of collaboration with Representative Bill Galvano and others, as well as the relentless efforts of the child advocates all across the state of Florida. It shows what can happen when we all work together."

Senate Bill 918 is designed to draw down Florida’s share of federal money available under the Children’s Health Insurance Program Re-Authorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA). The legislation also reduces the waiting periods from 60 to 30 days for re-enrollment following late premium KidCare payments, among other provisions.

SB 918 doesn’t expand the number of children eligible for CHIP – it accomplishes the more modest goal of helping Florida cover children who are already eligible for the program but are not yet enrolled. In addition the bill will help more children already covered by KidCare remain in the program.

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