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Florida Democrats On Path To Victory in 2010: Enter Election Year With $1.04 Million Cash on Hand Advantage; Democratic Voter Registration Advantage G

Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux sent the following memo today to Party Leaders on our path to victory in 2010. A PDF copy of the memo can be downloaded by clicking here and the text of the memo can be found below.


To: Florida Democratic Party Leaders

From: Scott Arceneaux, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director

Subject: Florida Democrats On Path To Victory in 2010: Enter Election Year With $1.04 Million Cash on Hand Advantage; Democratic Voter Registration Advantage Grows To 800,000

As the 2010 elections quickly approaches, Chair Thurman asked me to take the opportunity to update you on where the Florida Democratic Party stands. As you know, the Republican Party of Florida is currently imploding, having just ousted its gubernatorially appointed Party Chair and with the battle between Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist having emerged as the showcase fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. Additionally, Bill McCollum continues to show that after 20 years in Congress and with 14 political campaigns under his belt, he has no new ideas to bring Florida's economy into the 21st century. Instead, McCollum plans to run on a platform of maintaining the status quo.

But as Democrats, we can't just pray the Republicans continue down their losing path; rather, we must get up and fight everyday for the future of Florida. In 2009, the Florida Democratic Party had what can only be described as our most successful non-election year in our party's history. Our efforts to strengthen the grassroots, hold Florida Republicans accountable, and recruit strong leaders to run for office moved Florida Democrats well down our path to victory.

Voter Registration: Democrats' Advantage Grows To Nearly 800,000 Voters

Over the course of 2009, Floridians continued to join the Democratic Party in record numbers, ending the year with Democrats having a nearly 800,000 person voter registration advantage. According to the Florida Division of Election data, by registering 144,468 new voters last year, Democrats widened our advantage by 43,443 voters in 2009. As Democrats continued to out register Republicans every month since the 2008 election, this voter registration gap will continue to be a major advantage for Florida Democrats in 2010 and beyond.

Snapshot of Registration Picture as of Jan. 1, 2010





Florida Voters





Newly Registered Voters in 2009





With nearly three times the number of Florida Hispanic voters joining the Democratic Party and just three percent of African-American voters registering as Republicans in 2009, Florida's changing demographics will ensure that the Democratic Party will continue to grow moving forward. While Democrats have been successful at registering voters in all age groups, the nearly 16% advantage among voters under 35 is striking.

Demographic Breakdown of Newly Registered Voters, Jan 1, 2009 - Dec. 31, 2009

























Party Fundraising: Democrats Enter 2010 With $1.04 Million Cash On Hand Advantage

The past year was a banner fundraising year for the Florida Democratic Party, where we shattered not only our historical averages, but also the goals we set as we entered the 2010 election cycle. In 2009, the Florida Democratic Party raised a record $6,764,946, almost twice our historical average for a non-election year.

More importantly however is the amount of money the Florida Democratic Party saved in the off year in order to have the resources needed to elect Democrats across the Sunshine State. By being fiscally responsible with our party's donations, we enter 2010 with $2,630,067 cash on hand. After the RPOF announced that their party entered 2010 with just $1.59 million on hand this past weekend, we now know that the Florida Democratic Party has an eye-popping $1.04 million cash on hand advantage.

With a record number of new grassroots donors, the Florida Democratic Party is well prepared to continue our record fundraising through the 2010 elections.

Anti-incumbent Environment Good For Florida Democrats

Floridians know that Tallahassee is a mess. The Republicans who have dominated Tallahassee for the past 11 years have taken our state down the wrong path, the Republican culture of corruption reigns supreme in our state's capital, and the Republicans' failed policies are not only responsible for our economic crisis, but it is clear that the Republicans have no new ideas or plans on how to attract new jobs or industries to Florida.

In 2009, the Florida Democratic Party had great successes in holding Republicans accountable for their failed ways. For the first time in Florida history, a Speaker of the House resigned in disgrace, being brought down by a major corruption scandal. Charlie Crist's poll numbers have crashed as Floridians woke up to the fact that he continues to put his political ambitions above our state. And, the Republican Party just ousted their Chairman.

The chaos in the Republican Party of Florida, combined with Floridians looking to throw the metaphorical "Republican Bums" out of office, confirms that the national anti-incumbent environment works to the advantage of Florida Democrats.

As we move into the most important election year in over a century in Florida, the Florida Democratic Party will continue to hold the Republican politicians in Tallahassee accountable for their failed policies.

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