Monday, January 25, 2010

Path to Victory

Thank you for showing such strong support for Loranne Ausley as she launched her campaign for CFO. You have helped ensure that she has the support to build a campaign to win this race in November.

Thanks to you, we are on our way to electing Loranne Ausley CFO to continue Alex Sink's record of taking on fraud and waste in government, standing up for working families, and fighting to ensure that we invest wisely in our state's future.

But don't take my word for it. Here is what Senator Bill Nelson said when he endorsed Loranne:

"As the senior U.S. Senator from Florida, I can tell you that Democrats are united behind Loranne. Just as important -- Floridians from all over the state are supporting her candidacy because she has the experience and record cutting waste and abuse we need in Tallahassee. And, I can think of no better person to take up this mantle than my good friend Loranne Ausley. She will be a fantastic CFO -- and I plan on campaigning hard on her behalf."
And former Senator Bob Graham added:
"I have known Loranne for many years. I know her head and her heart and I know she will make an excellent CFO. Her passion for looking out for taxpayers, for public accountability will serve our state well. I strongly endorse her and will work hard to help her become our state's next great leader."
If you haven't yet, please join Senator Graham and Senator Nelson and be a part of her campaign today.

There is no doubt that adding Loranne as a candidate was great news to start off this year, and Democrats are well down the path to victory in November.

We are on that path because of you. In 2009, we had what can only be described as our most successful non-election year in our party's history -- driven by support from grassroots supporters like you.

We ended 2009 with over $1 million more to spend on the 2010 elections than the Republican Party -- a record fundraising success fueled by grassroots donations from people like you. Thanks to thousands of Floridians investing in our party, we raised over $6.7 million last year, and enter the year with over $2.6 million on hand.

Our fundraising success is not the most important measure of support for the party though -- that belongs to the 147,468 people who decided to join our party this year. They increased the Democratic Party registration advantage over the Republicans to nearly 800,000 voters. That is hundreds of thousands of Floridians making the choice to join us in changing the direction of our state away from Republican leadership.

It is no secret how we got here. Floridians know that Tallahassee is a mess. The Republicans who have dominated Tallahassee for the past decade have taken our state down the wrong path. And now Floridians are turning to leaders like Alex Sink, Kendrick Meek, and Loranne Ausley to help get us out of the mess the Republican leadership got us into.

You helped us make 2009 a record-breaking year for the Party in more ways than one. Now, as the most important election year in over a century begins, I am counting on you continue your efforts to help our state.

I am proud to work here at the Florida Democratic Party, under the steady leadership of Chair Karen Thurman and with our party's leaders across the state. I know that the only way we can win next November is because we are all working together, fighting to bring new leadership to Tallahassee.

Thank you for everything you've done to get on us on the path to victory, and with your help, we will win next November.


Scott Arceneaux
Executive Director
Florida Democratic Party

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