Sunday, January 31, 2010

Statement from Fla. Sen. Frederica Wilson Regarding the Secretary of Transportation LaHood's Federal Ban on Texting for Commercial Truck Drivers

“I applaud Secretary LaHood’s courage in banning commercial truck drivers from texting while driving. Truck and bus drivers need to be aware that they are not the only drivers on the road. In one-tenth of a second of being distracted, they can cause a fatal accident. This has happened too many times on our highways.

“I am especially proud of Secretary LaHood, because for the third year, I have filed “Heather’s Law” (SB 244), which will prohibit the use of a cellular telephone while operating a motor vehicle, except when using a headset or a hands-free device. I named the bill after Heather Hurd, a young woman who was killed while driving to Disney World to meet with her wedding planner by a person who allegedly was texting while driving a tractor trailer traveling in excess of the 65 mph and did not see that 10 cars were stopped ahead of him.

“Now is the time for the State of Florida to follow Secretary LaHood’s lead and ban texting while driving for all drivers in the state.”

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