Monday, January 25, 2010

Gelber Comments on Dockery-Fetterman Legislative Proposals to Restore Public’s Faith in Government

State Senator Dan Gelber offered the following comments on the legislative proposals announced today by Sen. Paula Dockery and Rep. Adam Fetterman aimed to restore the public’s faith in government:

“I commend my colleagues, Sen. Dockery and Rep. Fetterman for their work to restore the public’s faith in their government.

“Late last year, I announced a series of legislative and constitutional proposals that I will be advancing during the 2010 legislative session intended to increase oversight and accountability of state government. It is time that we work to restore the public’s trust in their government and state leaders. The measures I have proposed will go a long way in bringing greater integrity and oversight to Florida government.

“I spent the better part of a decade fighting corruption in Florida as a federal prosecutor, so I have seen this malignancy up close. My hope is that collectively, we will work to clean up government and arm our prosecutors and law enforcement officials with the tools they need to combat those who betray the public’s trust.”

Background on the legislation filed by Sen. Gelber

The measures proposed by Gelber include reform intended to open up government operations, provide more independence to internal oversight, and give state prosecutors additional statutory tools to fight corruption of government. The legislative and constitutional proposals focus on the following areas:

· Improve open government provisions by applying more sunshine to the Florida Legislature and faster response to record requests.

· Stronger internal oversight mechanisms by granting greater autonomy and independence to Inspector General’s.

· Give state prosecutors more statutory tools to fight corruption.

· Enhance State Board of Administration Accountability by replacing the Attorney General with the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services on the SBA and allow the Attorney General to conduct proper oversight.

· Reform campaign finance by precluding legislators and statewide officers from participating in raising or controlling Committees of Continuous Existence “CCEs” or Electioneering Communications Organizations “ECOs.”

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