Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scott Maddox welcomes McCollum to the team

Today candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, Scott Maddox, praised Attorney General Bill McCollum for his newfound opposition to near-shore oil drilling. Maddox, the first statewide candidate to take a firm public position against this dangerous idea, welcomed McCollum to the right side of the debate.

“I don’t care if it took a new Quinnipiac poll or another revelation, he is now where he should be on this issue, and that’s good for Florida,” stated Maddox.

Last year it was Scott Maddox who took the issue head on and laid out why such an idea as near-shore drilling would hurt more than just our environment but jobs, our economy, and our state’s budget as well.

Maddox added, “For the good of this state and for the good of our economy, we can only hope that McCollum can also persuade his fellow Republicans, namely incumbent Congressman and fellow candidate, Adam Putnam to also read those polls and take a stand in the best interest of Florida’s future.”

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