Monday, January 25, 2010

Top Target

I am excited to share that we have been designated a ‘Top Target' by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee! Your strong support has propelled us to the top tier of races in the entire country.

As proud as I am to be among the 17 candidates given the “Top Target” designation, I know that it means that now we need to work harder than ever. We are happy to be winning 46% - 42% in the most recent poll, but those numbers wont mean anything on election day unless we can communicate our message of rebuilding the middle class and facing down the special interests to every voter in FL-12.

Central Florida deserves a representative who will work hard for everyone in this district, not just do what the big banks and insurance companies ask them to do. Every day that I have represented the residents of this beautiful place, I have done my best to be an independent voice for their needs and values, and that is the approach I intend to take to Washington.

I hope you will join our team today, so that we can keep this momentum and win this seat for hard working Florida families come election day!


Lori Edwards


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