Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time to send a message

I need your help. When the Florida Legislative Session starts in about a month, I will suspend fundraising for 60 days because I am a sitting legislator. This is a good law, but unfortunately in this case it gives a leg-up to the Republicans running for Attorney General. (None of them are sitting legislators, so they can all fundraise freely during this period.)

This is our moment to send a message that grassroots means something. We're currently the best funded campaign on either side of the aisle, and if we can bring a flood of donations in right before the legislative session, it will maintain our momentum and status as frontrunner.

So, today my campaign is announcing a “moneybomb” for 2/25. The idea is to spend the next month getting people to pledge to give online on 2/25.

Can you pledge to donate on 2/25? (Right now -- only takes a second!)

This election is really about the type of state Florida will be – and frankly my opponents have a much different vision and agenda. I believe that most people share our view – but the best way to prove that is with a tangible show of support.

Pledge to make your money talk on 2/25!

I know times are tough, but the consequences of inaction will be much more expensive. Even if you can only give a few bucks -- the number of grassroots donors is just as crucial to our ability to make a statement as the number of dollars raised. So please, make your pledge now.

Thanks either way,

Dan Gelber

PS: Want to go the extra mile? Sign up to host! My campaign will help you learn how to fundraise, and the website can help you track which of your friends are pledging...and the site also allows you to automatically solicit through your Facebook or Twitter.


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