Friday, March 5, 2010

Civil Rights Hall of Fame -- Legislation Sponsored by Rep. Alan Williams & Sen. Tony Hill, Sr.

Representative Alan B. Williams (D-Tallahassee) and Senator Anthony C. “Tony” Hill Sr. (D-Jacksonville) are sponsoring House Bill 523 and Senate Bill 1354, respectively, during the 2010 session to establish a Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame.

“The Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame is long overdue for those nameless and faceless individuals who have made it possible for many to enjoy the quality of life that we do today,” said Senator Hill. “This legislation is one way of saluting them for their courageous spirit.”

The bill will require the Florida Commission on Human Relations to make recommendations to the governor for members to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. HB 523 would pay tribute to Florida’s citizens who fought for progress in acquiring equal rights for all our state’s citizens.

“We should honor the contributions of Florida’s leaders in the field of civil rights,” said Representative Williams. “I hope that my colleagues in the Legislature will join me in passing this important legislation to ensure that the hard work of these visionaries is given the recognition that it deserves. Our state will benefit tremendously as we remember those who lead the way for us to be where we are today.”

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