Monday, March 1, 2010

Maddox Says “No, Baby, No”… “I told you so.”

Late last November, candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Scott Maddox issued a strong statement in opposition to drilling for oil off Florida’s coasts. He stated in part that, "this drop in the world bucket would do nothing to stabilize oil prices and that there are far better and far less risky ways to secure our energy independence."

Nearly three months to the day, the Collins Center for Public Policy released its findings and essentially concluded the exact same thing stating that drilling within 10.3 miles of Florida’s coast would "have no discernible impact" on gas prices.

"This latest study further makes our case that the tremendous risk to Florida’s economy has essentially no upside. I can think of no better way to destroy our economy and hurt average Floridians than to mortgage our future on the risky proposition of putting oil rigs a few miles off our coast. Without even the promise of lower gas prices, this concept should be immediately killed."

"I would ask that the legislative sponsors of the oil drilling bills immediately withdraw their measures based on these new findings. Lawmakers have said they want new research, this should be all the research they need," added Maddox.

Maddox expressed sympathy about rising oil prices and stressed our need for energy independence but highlighted the now-confirmed reality that this move would NOT reduce gas prices.

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