Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tallahassee's devious schemes

From FDP:

This week, State Senator John Thrasher, who recently became the Republican Party Chairman, and Republican Senate President Jeff Atwater are trying to push a Tallahassee power grab through the Legislature on education designed to bully teachers and schools into doing what these politicians want.

This isn't a political issue to me. Before I ever ran for office I taught Math at Dunnellon Middle School. I decided to get involved in government and run for office thanks in part to my students who encouraged me to do it.

So, when Sen. Thrasher, Sen. Atwater, and the Republican leadership moved to erode local control of our schools, bully teachers, and raise property taxes all in one bill - I can't stay quiet.

I know firsthand that Tallahassee politicians bullying teachers and threatening education professionals will do nothing to improve Florida's public schools or increase opportunity for Florida's children.

Enough is enough! Please go to the Florida Democratic Party website to contact Sen. John Thrasher and Sen. Jeff Atwater and tell them to drop this ridiculous power grab now.

Rather than looking for real reforms to improve our state's public schools by empowering those teachers in the classrooms and education professionals on the front lines to do what is best for Florida's children, Sen. Thrasher and the other Republican politicians in Tallahassee have chosen a power grab through unfunded mandates.

If that weren't enough, this bill will likely raise property taxes on Florida's small businesses and middle-class families, who are already hurting in these hard economic times from Republican politicians raising taxes and fees by $2 billion last year.

For years, Republicans have crafted 'devious schemes' as Jeb Bush once called it to undermine Florida's public schools. Thrasher's legislation is just another one of these schemes by Republican politicians, which is why I am saying: enough is enough!

We need to work together to stop this bill. Join me in contacting Sen. John Thrasher and Sen. Jeff Atwater and tell them to drop this ridiculous power grab, right now.

Thank you for making a stand and contacting Sen. Thrasher and Sen. Atwater. Every person who stands up could make the difference in protecting our schools from their power grab.


Karen Thurman


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