Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mommy Bomb

From Heather Beaven:

Dear Friend,

Mommies are the bomb. We work. We volunteer. We take care of our families, and in some cases we run for office. I certainly couldn't do any of this without my uber-supportive husband, Douglas. But I am going to have to try.

Douglas serves his Country in the Army Reserves, and Uncle Sam has called on him to train at Ft. Hunter-Liggett in California. For the next month, I will get a very small taste of what thousands of military families go through every day; and like them, I am going to need your support.

John Mica has a bevy of paid staffers to organize his day, raise money for him, drive him around town, and make sure his bills are paid. That's not my reality. As my husband serves his Country, our family must assume his duties here at home.

While we gladly support Douglas and his call to duty, doing so means that Beaven for Seven could fall behind our fundraising goals.

So here is how you can help - participate in the world's first MOMMY BOMB.

We're asking all of our supporters to help this "Mommy in distress" by making a contribution in the next 79 hours. Anything you can contribute – even if it is a single dollar – will help. If everyone does, the result of all your small and large contributions coming in at once will be explosive: a Mommy Bomb!

But it will only work if you - yes, you - participate.

Will you help? Click here to contribute now. Don't wait, the Mommy Bomb ends in 79 hours.

Heather Beaven

P.S. Please help me keep up with Mica. Click here to help us do that by contributing $25, $50, $100 or more online today!


Heather is a Mom, Wife, Navy Veteran (who served during Operation Desert Storm) and CEO of The Foundation for Florida's Graduates. The Foundation focuses on bringing education, workforce development and economic development together to help young people better themselves through education and personal responsibility.


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