Sunday, March 7, 2010

The two faces of transparency

From Loranne Ausley:

Floridians are witnessing the height of two-faced hypocrisy.

The first face…The face they want you to see: The leaders of the Republican Party of Florida rail on about public accountability, responsibility, and transparency.

The second face…The face they try to hide: These same so-called leaders have been knee-deep in the cover up of campaign expenditures; expenditures that are governed by state law and supposed to be used for very specific purposes. The excuses for a blatant lack of transparency and accountability run the gamut from “not my job” to “not my card.”

How can anyone claim the mantle of public watchdog when they are unwilling to take a strong stand on hidden contracts, outrageous expenditures, lavish spending and irresponsible use of campaign dollars?

How can anyone speak about a “record of integrity” while, at the same time, be in the middle of a massive cover up within their own ranks.

All of our leaders, Republican and Democrats, need to have one face when it comes to transparency, public spending and the misuse of campaign dollars.

If you are looking for a leader who will watch every penny – and every dollar – and tell it to you straight, look no further. If you are fed up with the games being played in the Capitol and are ready for a candidate who understands that transparency starts with our own accounts, you have found the right campaign. My record of standing up for Florida taxpayers is strong – and it is consistent.

When I say “transparent,” I mean it. When I say “responsible and accountable,” I mean it. And, when I say I will fight to protect every one of your dollars, I mean that too!

Please join us today and help put an end to two-faced politicians, join our team today by making even a small donation of $10, $25, or $100 dollars.

Thank you,

Loranne Ausley


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