Sunday, March 21, 2010

House Bill 1493 -- Career Offenders legislation by Rep. Janet Cruz

Representative Janet Cruz’s (D-Tampa) first bill, HB 1493 (Career Offenders), which will make it a crime to assist a career offender elude law enforcement, will get its first hearing on Monday, March 22.

To mark the occasion, Representative Cruz will hold a press conference at 2:30 p.m. on Monday, March 22, 2010, in the Fourth floor Rotunda of the Capitol in front of the House Chamber. Representative Cruz will be joined by law enforcement officers who have expressed support for the proposed legislation.

“As your State Representative and voice in Tallahassee, I am committed to making our community safer,” said Representative Cruz. “Career offenders and those who choose to aid them in eluding law enforcement officers will be held accountable for their actions.”

The bill would make it a misdemeanor for anyone who has reason to believe that a career offender is not complying with the Career Offender Registration Act and assists a career offender elude law enforcement by withholding information about the offender’s whereabouts; harboring and/or assisting another person harbor the offender; and/or providing false information about the offender’s whereabouts. HB 1493 has gained the support of law enforcement leaders throughout the state as well as from Representative Cruz’s home district in Tampa.

"As most are aware, a small percentage of criminals commit the majority of crime in our community. This enhancement to the Career Offender Bill would provide police officers with another avenue to control those prolific criminals who prey on our citizens every day," said Chief Jane Castor of the Tampa Police Department

A companion bill (SB 2750) has been filed by Senator Charles Dean (R-Inverness). House Bill 1493 was originally filed by former State Representative Michael Scionti in 2009. It was passed by the House but died before a vote could be taken in the Senate at the end of the 2009 legislative session.

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