Sunday, March 21, 2010

Statement by Senate Democratic Leader Al Lawson on Education Vote

Senate Democratic Leader Al Lawson (D-Tallahassee) on Friday issued the following statement following the unanimous vote by Senate Democrats rejecting Senate Bill 06:

“On Friday, the Democratic members of the Senate Policy and Steering Committee on Ways and Means soundly and unanimously voted to reject legislation which threatens to further undermine public education in Florida.

“This bill was not inclusive, in fact, it excluded the very stake holders it targets. Teachers on the front lines were not consulted on legislation which turns upside down their ability to teach and be recognized as professionals.

“You can’t have it both ways. You can’t cite from a report touting Florida’s advancement in testing standards, but exclude the failures in other educational areas the report also notes.

“If Florida has truly advanced to a higher standard in educational accountability, it is the teachers who deserve the bulk of the credit. Despite the onslaught of cuts leveled by the Republican leadership each year, they’ve managed to do more with less, often reaching into their own pockets to pay for children’s needed school supplies.

“Passage of this bill without allowing them any input just adds insult to injury. I sincerely hope that the Republican leadership, along with Senator John Thrasher, heed their voices and incorporate the recommendations of those who are up close and personal on a daily basis with Florida’s school children.

“We urge them to keep their promise of an open door before delivering yet another crushing blow to one of our most dedicated and committed group of professionals in Florida.”

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