Sunday, March 21, 2010

WE DID IT! Blue Dog Boyd flips position on Health Care Reform

From Al Lawson:

I have good news to report. Late yesterday, Blue Dog Allen Boyd flipped his position on Health Care Reform and will now support the bill. This is great news, not only for the people of North Florida but for the country.

Last week, I asked you to sign our petition telling Boyd that we expected him to vote for real health care reform, and you responded. Hundreds of supporters signed our petition, and Allen Boyd heard our message loud and clear. News reports are already tying Boyd’s decision to our efforts. (HERE and HERE)

WE DID IT! To those who made your voices heard, I extend a sincere “Thank You.”

Our Blue Dog Obedience School was a huge success, but I don’t deserve the credit – you do. I simply hosted a website; it was your activism that forced Allen Boyd to abandon his special interest friends in the insurance and health care industries and instead vote for the people of his district. You deserve the credit!

But this is not over! Local Tea Party groups have pledged to keep fighting against health care reform. In an emergency email late last night, Tea Party organizers called for their members to keep calling Boyd to get him to switch his vote back again. For this reason, we must continue our petition drive so we can present Boyd with the results by tomorrow. We cannot allow our Blue Dog to stray.

Please visit and sign the petition for Health Care Reform. The anti-reform forces are not letting up and neither should we. The issue of health care is too important. Blue Dog Boyd has voted against us before; we must make sure he doesn’t do it again. Please sign our petition so we can keep Blue Dog Boyd on a short leash.


P.S. – After you sign our petition at, please FORWARD this message to at least five friends. Blue Dog Allen Boyd needs to hear from you and all those who support Health Care Reform!

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