Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekly Word - HYPOCRITE

From Jim Piccillo:

Greetings Friends and Supporters!

Thank you for taking a moment to read The Jim Piccillo for Congress campaign's Weekly Word. It's been an incredible week for the campaign and national politics. We hope you find the content of this newsletter useful and informative. Again, if we didn't address an area you are interested in, please call or email us. Your feedback is important to us! Click here to join the team.

On the Money

We are in the final stretch of the first quarter, which ends March 31st, and are diligently working toward our critical goal of raising $100,000 this quarter. Now is the time t0 donate; we need your support today! Please click here to help us reach this crucial milestone.

Jim and our team members have been busy on the phones, reaching out to supporters across the country, to show that this race MUST receive national attention and the seat be delivered back to the Democrats in November. The incumbent is heavily funded by greedy insurance and banking industry PACs. Take a look at her financial reports on the FEC website to see who she truly represents; it's crystal clear.

Community Outreach

Since our last 'Word', Team Piccillo has been attending events and continuing to spread the message of Common Sense for Congress. Last weekend, we had the privilege of addressing the Southwest Citrus Democrat Club and received a very warm response as well as many signed petitions. After our visit to Citrus County, we spent several hours in Hernando County at the annual Swamp Fest. Jim had the opportunity to speak with voters, hear their concerns, answer questions and get additional petitions signed! Jim will continue to tour the District, visiting with as many organizations, companies, businesses and Clubs over the course of the next eight months as possible, so he can learn what issues most affect the people of the 5th District.

This Saturday the 13th, Team Piccillo will be marching in the Zephyrhills Founder's Day Parade! Supporting victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is very important to us. That being said, the team will be walking with the Sunrise Center of Pasco County in their "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes" group in a show of solidarity to raise awareness about gender violence. Jim Piccillo will be wearing heels, so that he can truly feel what it's like to walk a mile in a ladies shoes. Come out and walk with us for this worthy cause! Visit to learn more.

Weekly Word: Pressing Issue

Just when you think you've heard, and seen, it all something happens that is just so shocking it stops you in your tracks. This is the pressing issue of this last week that had us all stunned. The incumbent in Florida's 5th District, "Ginny" Brown-Waite, this past week voted AGAINST the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act. This bill provides incentives to small businesses to hire people who are currently unemployed. While the partisan aspect of it is not surprising to any of us, the fact that she just a few weeks ago stated, "Government doesn't create jobs; small businesses do" and then voted against a bill that would help small businesses create jobs is what floored us. How completely hypocritical!

With an unemployment average of 14% in her District, it is unfathomable that she would vote against a measure that might actually HELP her constituents. After all, she's held a government created job for decades, she thinks she has job security. Click here to help us send this hypocrite packing!

Spreading the Message

We MUST continue the fight to lift the 5th District in Florida back to the glory of the good old days; significantly lower unemployment, generate small business growth and ensure stability to those who have been hardest hit by these tough economic times. The time to get involved is NOW. The most important part of any campaign is the people who volunteer. Sign up to contribute, canvass, phone bank, send literature and spread the word by sending this email to five (5) people you know. Walk with Jim side-by-side on this journey. Please visit to sign up to contribute, host a house party or just volunteer your time to help bring common sense back to Congress.

Yours in service,
Team Piccillo

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