Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Florida Democratic Party Lauds President Obama's Efforts To Strengthen Our National Security Through Unprecedented Outreach To Muslims Around the Worl

Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff issued the following statement:

"Today President Obama took an important step towards increasing our national security and improving our relations with Muslims around the world. In his remarks in Cairo, the President recognized his respect for Islam and the many contributions Muslims have made to all of civilization. He spoke of how American Muslims - nearly seven million living in the U.S. today -- have enriched our country's story and called on us all to focus on the mutual interests we have with Muslims around the world, and how we must confront our mutual problems together.

"The President reminds us once again that the surest way to solve our problems is through seeking common ground. We must remember that the majority of Muslims throughout the world share our goals of making our country and world more secure by confronting violent extremism, preventing nuclear proliferation, and strengthening democracy and human rights. As Democrats and as Floridians we continue to support the President's efforts to strengthen our security by engaging with the Muslim community and creating a culture of mutual respect."

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