Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Florida Democrats Continue Voter Registration Surge

From the FDP:

New voter registration figures released by the Florida Democratic Party today show that since the 2008 election Democrats continue to out pace Republicans in registering new voters.

Since the registration deadline for the 2008 election, Democrats have registered over 30,000 more voters than the Republican Party. Democrats are out registering Republicans in all age groups and have a 3 to 1 advantage in Hispanic registration.

Reacting to this news, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Leonard Joseph said:

"Since the 2008 election, our local Democratic Parties and activists inspired by President Obama have continued voter registration drives such as those that helped Democrats turn Florida blue in 2008.

"The continued grassroots activism and surge in Democratic registration shows that Floridians are inspired by the proven leadership and bold action that President Obama and Democrats in Congress have taken to bring change to Washington. Because Floridians know that Democrats are working to jumpstart Florida's economy and end politics as usual, Florida Democrats are energized and organized to bring change to Tallassee in 2010.

"In 2010, every statewide office in Florida will be wide open with no incumbents running for re-election, for the first time in 134 years. Democrats are working to seize our historic opportunity to bring change to Florida by electing our next Governor, Alex Sink, electing a strong Democrat to the U.S. Senate, and electing more Democrats to the Congress, Cabinet, and Florida's Legislature.

"Democrats' registration advantage will be one of the many reasons why Floridians will stand up to change Florida in 2010 by electing proven Democratic leaders."

New Registration Figures

(Oct. 7, 2008 - May 1, 2009)

Democrats 86,220 39.54%
Independents 76,134 34.91%
Republicans 55,720 25.55%
Total 218,074

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