Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gelber Jumps Into the AG Race

Today I announce that I am running for Attorney General of Florida.

More than two decades ago, at the age of 25, I stood in a small federal courtroom in Miami and said for the first time “My name is Dan Gelber and I represent the United States of America.” It was at that precise moment – filled with a mix of pride and humility – that I knew pubic service would be my path.

That is exactly the path I have followed – as a federal prosecutor for nearly a decade, as the chief counsel of the U.S. Senate’s investigations committee, as a big brother in the Big Brothers program for 25 years and, most recently, as a member of the Florida legislature. Each of these roles has reaffirmed that my decision in that small federal courtroom decades ago was the right one for me.

Governor Crist’s announcement that he would not seek reelection but rather a seat in the U.S. Senate, resulted in vacancies in all the offices of the cabinet. At a time when our state is facing its greatest challenges, ironically, we have our greatest uncertainty and dislocation. But out of this turmoil we can also find opportunity –the chance to set a new course that avoids the mistakes of the past and tracks a better future for our families.

I want to serve and believe I can best support our state's renewal as Florida's next Attorney General.

My years in the Florida legislature have demonstrated to me that Tallahassee too often turns its back on the people, opting instead to carry out the narrow agenda of a few special interests. The Attorney General is not merely Florida's top cop, but must also be the strongest advocate that every day Floridians have in government – the person they know is worried about their safety and the security of their children, and the person who makes sure that their rights are not being trampled upon. I believe my background prepares me for this task, and it is a job I’d be privileged to assume.

So that’s it. I’m running for Attorney General, and I hope I can count on your continued support.


PS. Check out the re-branded DanGelber.com.

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