Friday, June 26, 2009

Rep. Skidmore Statement on Governor's Action on Prescription Drug Monitoring Legislation

From the House Dems:

Representative Kelly Skidmore (D-Boca Raton) offered the following statement in response to Governor Charlie Crist’s signing today of Senate Bill 462, which authorizes the creation of a prescription drug monitoring system in the Florida Department of Health.

“I am proud to have been among the sponsors of this legislation that will help end the prescription drug abuse epidemic that has devastated many Florida families and given our state a reputation as the nation’s pill mill,” said Representative Skidmore.

“I appreciate Governor Crist’s positive action on this legislation. Florida’s lack of a prescription drug monitoring system has made our state a target for criminals looking to buy prescription drugs easily. I am pleased that we are now equipping physicians and law enforcement personnel with the tools they need to stop the abuse, misuse, and illegal sale of prescription drugs.”

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