Sunday, June 14, 2009

Floridians Near Bottom In Number of Unemployed Getting Benefits, Florida House Republicans Blocked Unemployment Benefits for Floridians

From the House Dems:

In an article today focused on research by the nonprofit, investigative news organization, The News Service of Florida reports that fewer out-of-work Floridians qualify for benefits than almost any other state, leaving millions of dollars in the unemployment trust fund even as Florida weathers its highest jobless toll in 33 years.

“Only South Dakota and the District of Columbia have fewer unemployed getting benefits than the 32 percent of Floridians who qualify,” the article states.

“Supported by business groups, the Republican-led Legislature turned down expanding the eligibility rules for unemployment and an accompanying $444 million in federal money,” according to the article.

“The 32 percent of jobless Floridians who do qualify for benefits draw an average of $239.64 weekly, ranking 44th in the country,” the article states.

During the 2009 legislative session, state Representative Kevin J.G. Rader (D-Delray Beach) filed legislation and presented an amendment that would have helped Florida obtain these economic recovery stimulus monies for the state’s Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund.

Numerous House Democrats spoke in favor and supported Representative Rader’s proposal. The proposal was blocked from passage by House Republican leaders.

House Democratic Leader Franklin Sands (D-Weston) stated today, “With Florida’s 9.6 percent unemployment rate at its highest since 1976, it’s extremely difficult to understand and impossible to justify why the Republican leadership in the House blocked opportunities to help out-of-work Floridians.”

The ProPublica report is here:

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  1. Thank you, to the GOP for putting the screws to hard working Floridians,again, who have worked in this state for 30 years and because of their President Bush are now out of jobs!!!! When are people going to wake up???? THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT BIG BUSINESS AND MAKING MONEY!!!!