Sunday, April 26, 2009

Democratic Black Caucus of Florida to Hold Convention in Gainesville

From Lizzie Jenkins:

The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida is holding its Annual Convention in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Florida Hilton Hotel on May 22nd and May 23rd, 2009. Using the theme, “Only the Strong Survive,” the annual convention of black Democratic leaders in Florida will emphasize strengthening and deepening African-American participation in and influence on the Florida Democratic Party, while recruiting and training new candidates for leadership roles in Florida public offices. Hosted by the Alachua County Democratic Black Caucus, this annual gathering provides many opportunities for potential candidates to enlist support, for organizers to exchange information and techniques, and for vendors and advertisers to reach out to the African-American community of Alachua County.

Speaking to Alachua County Democratic Black Caucus Members, State President Liz Jenkins said, “The theme of our Convention is ‘Only the Strong Survive.’ This underlines the moral courage and perseverance our elders and leaders needed in order to bring us to where we are today both nationally and in Florida. There is still so much farther to go. This is the lesson and the legacy we want to leave to future generations of African-Americans citizens, voters and candidates.”

Persons wishing to register for the conference may contact

State President Liz Jenkins at her phone, (352) 495-2917, her e-mail, , or may download the registration form at: .

Those wishing to reserve a hotel room at the Hilton may call them at (352) 371-3600, or may do so online at:;jsessionid=F0D778CA3F60FC9A11F860DF78991A3C.etc23?brand_id=HI&brand_directory=/en/hi/&xch=356385630,NXSTP0T5OL2XKCSGBIV2VCQ.

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