Monday, April 6, 2009

Florida Democratic Party Congratulates Congress On The Passage Of President Obama's Budget Plan

From the FDP:

lorida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff commended the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives today on the passage of President Obama's budget which takes a responsible approach to cutting the deficit and makes critical investments in infrastructure, health care, renewable energy, and education.

"The budgets passed last night by the United States Congress represent a clear shift from the failed Republican policies of the past that helped create the current economic crisis," said Jotkoff. "President Obama's budget offers tax breaks for middle class families, lowers the cost and improves the quality of health care, drives growth and innovation in the renewable energy sector, and expands education opportunities for all students in the Sunshine State. We are grateful that there were budgets to vote on at all, no thanks to the obstructionist Republican members of Florida's Congressional Delegation, who once again refused to engage in an important national debate on issues critical to the American people."

"While Republicans such as Bill Young, Tom Rooney, Vern Buchanan, the Diaz-Balarts, Adam Putnam and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen continue to cling to the failed policies of the past that created the current economic crisis, President Obama and Democrats have taken bold steps to restore stability and prosperity for all Americans. Yesterday's vote affirms that the Republican Party of No is more interested in playing politics than working with the Democrats and the President to solve our nation's problems on a bipartisan basis."

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