Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Statement by Representative Alan Williams on State Employee Pay and Benefits

From the House Dems:

State Representative Alan Williams (D-Tallahassee) issued the following statement in response to House Speaker Larry Cretul’s announcement today about House-Senate budget conferences:

“In establishing ground rules for budget talks that are underway between the House and Senate, House Speaker Larry Cretul stated today that the topic of state employee pay and benefits will be discussed at the highest levels of legislative leadership.

“With more than 26,000 state employees residing in the Tallahassee area and many more workers throughout Florida, it is of critical importance to the local and state economies to ensure that these jobs are protected and these dedicated workers continue drawing competitive salaries.

“Florida’s economy is in duress and the services of these fine Floridians are crucial. It would be foolish to cut our public employees’ salaries during the recession just as we are trying to take extraordinary steps to rebuild our economy. State workers are deserving of our praise and their work must be recognized.

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