Monday, April 6, 2009

Hothead Hasner becomes Spokesman for Florida's Party of No; Turns Back on Stimulus Money‏

From FDP:

Republican House Leader Adam Hasner has become Florida's pied piper for the "Party of No." In his most recent dance with the radical right-wing fringe of his party - also known as the Limbaugh/Hasner-wing - hothead Hasner wants to reject $1.1 billion in federal recovery assistance. While Hasner is turning his back on economic recovery funds, Florida's unemployment has risen to 9.4 percent.

Last week, Hasner was flooded by calls from angry constituents looking for answers, forcing him to distribute talking points to House Republicans about how to respond to their pleas for help.

"While Florida's families face economic hard times, hothead Adam Hasner would give them talking points instead of substance," said Eric Jotkoff, Florida Democratic Party spokesman. "With Florida's unemployment rate at the highest level in 33 years and federal recovery funds on the way, it's hard to understand why Adam Hasner is turning his back on working families. Maybe Hasner doesn't answer to the people of South Florida and instead takes his cues from the 'Party of No' crowd."

"With Floridians across the state, economists and constituents all supporting the adoption of federal recovery funds, Adam Hasner needs to explain why he is obstructing President Barack Obama's efforts to jumpstart Florida's economy and create jobs. Hasner should also tell us exactly who supports him in this effort, and where he is getting his facts, because anybody who knows Florida can tell you that his ultra-conservative rhetoric is standing in the way of our economic recovery," Jotkoff added.

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