Friday, April 24, 2009

Where we stand‏

From the FDP:

It's been a great few weeks here. We not only reached our goal of 500 donors standing up last week, but over 512 people reached into their wallets for the first time to make a stand to help Floridians get the help they need and President Obama fought to get us.

Your support of our party in Florida is overwhelming, and we let the Republicans in Tallahassee know where you stand. In the last week of the legislative session, our Democratic legislators are:

* Working to get all of the recovery money to Florida, so we don't let Republicans block President Obama's efforts to jumpstart our economy.
* Protecting our right to vote from a last minute partisan assault, because the Republican Leaders are trying to make it harder for Floridians to vote and end the type of voter registration drives that helped President Obama win Florida.
* Fighting to end the Republican waste, fraud and abuse in government and balance the budget without hurting Florida's working families.
* Blocking Republican plans to drill for crude oil just 3 miles off Florida's coasts, which further endangers Florida's tourism economy and risks polluting our precious beaches.

Your support is helping us fight back - thank you.

While the state faces a dramatic budget deficit and 11th hour bills are being pushed through with almost no debate or transparency, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink and our Democratic Legislators are working hard every day to protect taxpayers' dollars and hold government more accountable.

Senator Bill Nelson and our congressional Democrats are fighting for us in Washington - and now that Senator Martinez has announced his retirement, we are working to make sure that another Florida Democrat will join Nelson to serve in the Senate.

This next election in November of 2010 is going to be a great opportunity for us to build on our victory in 2008. With an open US Senate seat, legislative races, and the possibility of more open seats in the next few weeks, we could have a once in a generation opportunity to change Florida and turn it blue for years to come.

I know we are going to win in 2010. We are going to do it the same way we won Florida for President Obama 2008 - with the hard work of thousands of Floridians like you. I know from what you've done in the last few weeks - from standing up to Attorney General Bill McCollum to helping President Obama pass his budget by writing letters to the editors of Florida's newspapers - we will be able to count on you for help as we we're gearing up for the mid-term elections by recruiting candidates, training activist, developing our message, and registering new voters.

Thank you for everything you've done for Florida- standing with us and creating change in Tallahassee. I promise to keep you up to date as the legislative session ends and as we get ready for our annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Miami at the end of May.

Congresswoman Karen L. Thurman
Chair, Florida Democratic Party

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