Monday, April 6, 2009

Representative Audrey Gibson Says Time Is Right For Workplace Safety Legislation

From the House Dems:

Legislation sponsored by Representative Audrey Gibson (D-Jacksonville) that would protect employees from accidents in their workplace and give them new tools for reporting unsafe conditions is under consideration in the Florida House of Representatives.

House Bill 1029 implements vital recommendations of the Florida Public Task Force on Workplace Safety and the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Board. The House Governmental Affairs Policy Committee unanimously approved the legislation, which now awaits action in the House Insurance, Business & Financial Affairs Policy Committee.

“This very important bill will protect employees from accidents at their job sites,” said Representative Gibson. “This legislation is vital and will prevent accidents like the one that cost a worker his life in Daytona Beach in January 2006. Had earlier measures and safeguards been in place, this incident may have been prevented.”

On January 11, 2006, an explosion and fire killed a worker at a public wastewater treatment plant operated by the City of Daytona Beach. In response to the 2006 accident and similar incidents, Representative Gibson in 2008 won approval for legislation that created the Florida Public Task Force on Workplace Safety.

House Bill 1029, implements several of the task force recommendations, such as the establishment of a toll-free telephone number for public employees to obtain information and report unsafe workplace conditions.

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