Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thurman Calls For Investigation Into Crist & Kottkamp's Jet-Setting Ways

From FDP:

Reacting to a series of South Florida Sun-Sentinel articles, exposing Gov. Charlie Crist's cover-up of his private jet use and Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp's jaunts on Florida Highway Patrol planes for family vacations, Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman released the following statement demanding investigations into these matters:

"Only 13 years after then-Senator Charlie Crist made a name for himself by investigating the late Governor Lawton Chiles' use of private jets and state planes, power seems to have corrupted Charlie Crist and his administration. To echo a quote from Charlie Crist made over a decade ago, 'The whole thing smells. I think this whole thing is begging for inquiry.'

"In 1996, then-Senator Crist demanded that the Attorney General investigate Governor Chiles. Following Crist's precedent, we today demand that Attorney General Bill McCollum immediately order an investigation into the legality of Governor Crist and Lt. Governor Kottkamp's travels, including Crist's refusal to disclose his use of donors' private jets and Kottkamp's use of Florida Highway Patrol planes for vacations.

"If McCollum either refuses to investigate or is preoccupied, it is then incumbent on Florida's Legislature to hold hearings looking into this matter, similar to the hearings lead by Crist in the 1990s.

"Republican excess, abuse, and corruption is running rampant in Florida. Crist is jet-setting on his cronies' private jets. Crist's Lt. Governor is endangering public safety by diverting law enforcement resources for his personal convenience. Attorney General Bill McCollum is wasting over $2 million for no-bid TV ads that promote himself rather than promoting public safety. And the House is still reeling from the resignation of former Speaker Ray Sansom, the first Speaker in Florida history to resign in disgrace.

"Power corrupts, and absolute power has absolutely corrupted Florida's Republicans. Democrats are fighting against politics as usual in Tallahassee and demanding accountability.

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